12 Beckley Homes

12 Beckley Homes

SECURED PARTY REAL ESTATE AUCTION Wednesday, May 18th 11:00AM Registration begins at 10:30AM Auction at the Raleigh County Courthouse

Live Bidding Only

Call: Debbie Flanigan


Wednesday, May 18th 11:00AM
Registration begins at 10:30AM

Auction at the Raleigh County Courthouse

SUBJECT 1: 98 Goodman Dr. Prosperity
2-unit apartment building
1,440+/- sqft.
Built in 1980
Currently rented for $695/month per unit
Parel ID: 11-7006-00320001

SUBJECT 2: 100 W. Cherokee Ave. Beckley
3 Bedroom, 1 Bath Ranch
1,568+/- sqft.
Covered Porch
currently rented for $850/month
Parcel ID: 11-1003-00280001

SUBJECT 3: 101 Temple St. Beckley
3 Bedroom, 1 Bath Ranch
1,373+/- sqft.
Parcel ID: 01-12-02190000

SUBJECT 4: 102 Ball St. Beckley
3 Bedroom, 1.5 Bath Ranch
1,194+/- sqft.
Covered Porch
Currently rented for $795/month
Parcel ID: 01-11-01100000

SUBJECT 5: 115 & 115 ½ Mason St. Beckley
3 Bedroom, 2 Bath
1,984+/- sqft.
Covered Porch
2-Unit Detached Apartment Building
Apartments currently rented for $675/month each
Parcel ID: 01-12-01040000

SUBJECT 6: 136 Cobbs St. Beckley
4 Bedroom, 1 Bath Ranch
1,400+/- sqft.
Covered Porch
Parcel ID: 11-1002-00940000

SUBJECT 7: 224 S. Beaver Ln. Beaver
4 Bedroom, 2 Bath Ranch
1,793+/- sqft.
5.09+/- Acres (as assessed)
Central Air
Parcel ID: 08-14-00410000

SUBJECT 8: 300 Myers Ave. Beckley
2 Bedroom, 1 Bath Ranch
1,070+/- sqft.
1-stall Garage
Central Air
Parcel ID: 01-42-02100000

SUBJECT 9: 300-304 Wildwood Ave. Beckley
Three Homes, each identical in specifications
3 Bedroom, 1 Bath
1,056+/- sqft.
1-stall Garage
$2,075 current total rental income
Parcel ID: 01-41-01490000

SUBJECT 10: 305 Elm St. Beckley
2 Bedroom, 1 Bath Ranch
946+/- sqft.
Central Air
Parcel ID: 11-1003-01380000

SUBJECT 11: 400 F. St. Beckley
3 Bedroom, 2 Bath Ranch
1.092+/- sqft.
Parcel ID: 01-40-01260000

SUBJECT 12: 610 Sapphire Ln. Beckley
3 Bedroom Townhome
2 Full Bath & 2 Half Baths
1,596+/- sqft.
Central Air
1-stall Garage
Parcel ID: 01-58-00393C10

Sarah Ellis, Substitute Trustee


TERMS OF SALE: Ten percent (10%) of the sales price shall be paid by cash, cashier’s check, or check guaranteed by bank letter of credit in acceptable form, in hand on the day of sale (the "Good Faith Deposit"), with the balance to be paid in cash at closing within 30 days after the date of sale and such additional terms required by the sale agreement to be entered into by a successful bidder. Additional terms and conditions shall be announced at the sale.

At public sale any person or entity may bid and may purchase any real estate sold if they be the highest bidder. If the real estate is sold for an amount in excess of the outstanding balance of the mortgage, together with all interest, unpaid real estate taxes and costs, said excess must be used to satisfy any other encumbrances on said property and after all said encumbrances are satisfied together with all interest and costs, any excess then remaining must be paid to the Grantor. If the Grantor or any person holding an encumbrance cannot be found after a diligent search, the money shall be paid into the Circuit Court of the county for the benefit of the Grantor or the holder of any such encumbrance.

Any questions or inquiries regarding the sale can be directed to the substitute trustee at 304-353-8000.

AGENCY DISCLOSURE: Joe R. Pyle Auction and Realty Service is acting as Auctioneer for the Successor Trustee only.

DISCLAIMER: All information regarding the description of this property is derived from sources deemed reliable but not warranted. Information is believed to be correct to the best of auctioneer’s knowledge but is subject to inspection and verification by all parties relying on it. Successor Trustee, their representatives and auctioneer shall not be liable for inaccuracies, errors, or omissions.
Any references to acreage, unless otherwise noted, are derived from public record and are not warranted. Buyers are responsible for conducting their own research prior to bidding.

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