Winter Guns, Ammo & Taxidermy Auction

Winter Guns, Ammo & Taxidermy Auction

Items from the collections of sports writer J.C. Munnell and past SCI Three-States Chapter President Brian Vanard (with additions). Over 590 lots including high-grade rifles, shotguns, and handguns, and taxidermy to include full body lioness, Canadian Grizzly, Moose, and MUCH MORE!

Live & Online Bidding

Call: Ethan Moore

Winter Guns, Ammo & Taxidermy Auction

Items from the collections of J.C. Munnell and Brian Vanard


Saturday, February 20, 2021 @ 10 AM

Stewart’s Auction Center

71 Auction Drive

Jane Lew, WV


TWO Preview Sessions!

Session 1: Friday, February 19, 2021 – 4:00 PM until 7:00 PM

Session 2: Saturday, February 20, 2021 – 8:00 AM until 10:00 AM


We are honored to offer at public auction items from the private collections of renowned sports writer J.C. Munnell and past SCI Three States Chapter President Brian Vanard (with additions).


Mr. Munnell is a retired attorney and accomplished writer who has written and photographed articles for publications such as: Precision Shooting Magazine, Predator Xtreme Magazine, Double Gun Journal, Varmint Hunter Magazine, and Accurate Rifle. Mr. Munnell is also the author of at least three books on Ruger firearms and has been involved in the custom firearms trade in various fashions for over five decades. His collection features many custom rifles chambered in “wildcat” and proprietary calibers.


Mr. Vanard is an avid outdoorsman who travelled extensively both domestically and around the globe in search of a great trophy. His collection features high-grade left-handed sporting rifles and shotguns and an impressive collection of exotic animal mounts. His passion for conservation spanned many decades as evidenced by his long history of support for organizations such as NWTF, Safari Club International, Friends of the NRA and more. Mr. Vanard served as president of SCI's Three States Chapter. 


Bidding will be available online before and during the auction. In-person bidding available!


Over 590 Lots!


African & Other Big Game Mounts

** Featured Item** Full-Body Lioness Mount ** Must See! ** Incredible Example

Northwest Territory Caribou No 5 in SCI system

North American Elk 5x5 approx. 30" wide

North American Elk 6x6 approx. 35-38" wide

Northwest Territory Moose 10x10 approx. 50" wide

North American Elk 6x6 approx. 36" wide

Inland Grizzly approx.. 6' tall

Rocky Mountain Goat (9")

African eland; in SCI record books

Badly deteriorated gray wolf skin rug: Comments - on gray and black felt backing, poor shape/bad odor

African mountain reed buck

Badger pelt

Unidentified animal hide

Eastern US Whitetail Mount (12 pt)

NW Territory Dahl's Sheep

African impala - in SCI record books

Eastern US Whitetail Mount (12 pt)

Steenbok mount

White/silver fox pelt

6x6 Elk Rack

Eastern US Whitetail Mount (10 pt)

8-pt Whitetail Buck Mount w/Gun Racks

Marten mount

Buffalo Hide

Water Buck remnant hide

Mink or fox pelt

Unidentified rear hide

13' Anaconda snake skin

African gemsbok - in SCI record books

Box full of white tail antlers

Fox Squirrel mount

African impala - in SCI record books

African warthog approx. 10" tusks; in record book in SCI

Eastern US Whitetail Mount (10 pt)

Red fox pelt

Barbarosa Ram mount

Eastern US Whitetail Mount

Flat of antlers

African blesbuck

African kudu; in SCI record books

African water buck - in SCI record books

Eastern US Whitetail Mount (9 pt)



Beretta Mato .375 Wby Mag

Blaser R93  LH .300 RUM

Cooper Model 22 .257 Ackley Improved

CZ 452-2E ZKM American LH .22 LR

H&R (FN) Custom Rifle M-300 8mm/.300 Dakota

Kimber Model 84L Stainless Classic Select .270 Ackley Improved

Kimber of Oregon 84 Left Hand .222 REM

Mathieu Arms Left Hand Bolt Action .300 H&H

Montana Rifle Company 1999 Custom Barreled 6.5-06 IMP

Remington 700 BDL .338 WIN MAG

Remington Model 7 .284 Win

Sako A-2 Custom 6.5x257 Roberts Improved

Sako Finnbear AV Left Hand .280 Ackley Improved

Ultra Light Arms 32 LH .375 H&H

Weatherby Mark V Deluxe .300 WBY

Weatherby Mark V Deluxe LH .300 WBY

Weatherby Mark V SS/Synthetic .270 WBY MAG

Savage Model 99 G Deluxe Takedown .300 Sav

Savage Model 99 .300 SAV

Winchester Model 71 “Long Tang” Deluxe .348 WCF

Winchester Model 94 Trails End Hunter Carbine .38-55

Winchester Model 9422 XTR .22 S, L, LR

Winchester Model 94 Pre-64 Carbine .32 Special

Winchester Model 64 .219 Zipper

Winchester Model 275 .22 Mag

Mauser Model 98 Wehrmannbuchse 8.15x46 R

Husqvarna M-146 9.3x57mm Sporter

Sako L-579 Custom Sporter .308 Win

Mauser Model 98 Varmint Rifle 6x62 Freres

Mauser Model 98 Sporter 6.5/06

Mauser 98 Custom Sporter 7x61 Sharpe & Hart

Mauser Model 98 Sporter 8mm/.338 Mag

Whitworth Express Rifle .404 Jeffery

Mauser Model 98 Sporter .375 RUM

Mauser Model 98 Sporter 9x57mm

Yugo M-48 Custom Rifle .375/350 Mag

Yugo M-48 Custom Rifle .416 Waters’ Express

F. L. Neuber Austrian Sporting Rifle 7x57

Christoph Funk Mauser 98 Sporter 5.6x61 VomHofe Super Exp

O. Geyger Mauser Model 1895 Custom 8x60

Mexican Mauser Model 1936 Custom Sporter 7x57

Mauser Custom Sporter 8x57S

Mauser Model 98 Custom Sporter 8mm/06

Spanish Mauser Model 1916 Custom Rifle .308 Win

Argentine Model 1909 Mauser Custom Sporter .30-06

Japanese Arisaka Type 38 Rifle Custom Sporter 7x57 Ackley Improved

Max Heim Hereen Falling Block Varmint Rifle .224 Ackley Belted Express

Mauser Custom Sporting Rifle .240 WBY

Steyr 1912 Custom Sporter 7x57 Mauser

Stegall FN-based Sporting Rifle 6.5mm-.270

Sako L61R Custom Rifle .300 Wby Mag

Persian Model 1930 Mauser Custom Sporter 8x57S

Mauser Sporting Rifle 8x57J Improved

Shilling M-88 Commission Rifle Sporter 8x57J

Custom Mauser M98 Small Ring Sporter 9x57 Imporved

Mashburn Arms FN Sporter .270 Mag

Husqvarna Custom Full-Stock Sporter .260 AAR

Mauser Model 98 Custom Sporter .360 Imperial Magnum

Steyr Mannlicher-Schoenauer Model 1910 Carbine 9.5 x 57mm

Persian Model 1930 Mauser 8x57

Iranian Model 1949 Mauser 8x57

Swedish Model 94/17 Carbine 7x57

Portuguese Vergueiro Model 904/38 Mauser 8x57

Spanish Model 1916 Mauser .308 Win

Yugo Mauser Model 24/47 8x57

Yugo Mauser Model 1924 8x57

Swedish Mauser Model 38 6.5x55

Swedish Mauser Model 1896/38 6.5x55

Swedish Mauser Model 1896 6.5x55

Swedish Mauser Model 1896 6.5x55 (Undated)

Chilean Model 1912 Mauser 7x57

JC Higgins 90 .22 CAL

Ranger Model 101-14 .22 S, L, LR

Remington 572 Fieldmaster .22 S, L, LR

Ruger 10/22 Carbine .22 LR

JC HIggins Model 31 Woodside .22 S, L, LR

Remington 552 Speedmaster .22 S, L, LR

Savage Springfield Model 187S .22 LR

Marlin 882 SS .22 Mag



Caesar Guerini Magnus 12 GA

Fred Adolph Handmade Prototype Over/Under 12ga

H. Krieghoff Pre-War Side-Lock Side-by-Side 16ga

Parker GH - O Frame 16 GA

Parker VH Grade 12 GA

Benelli Super Black Eagle II LH 12 GA

Beretta 686 Silver Pigeon I .410 BORE

Beretta 686 Silver Pigeon I 28 GA

Beretta 692 Sporting 12 GA

Browning A-5 Sweet Sixteen 16 GA

HUGE selection of single barrel shotguns & other hunting shotguns

CZ Bobwhite G2 20 GA

CZ Redhead .410 BORE

CZ Woodcock Deluxe 12 GA

H&R Topper 12ga (3x)

NEF Pardners .410 & 12ga (7x)

HUGE Collection of Remington Shoguns: Model 10, Model 11's (10x), Model 29's (14x), Model 31's (28x), and more!

THIRTEEN Winchester Model 12's (12ga, 16ga, field, duck, etc.)

Winchester Model 1897 12ga (3x)




Competition Arms Competitor Single-Shot Pistol

New Advantage Arms 4-bbl Derringer

Wichita Model MK-40 Silhouette Pistol 6.5 IHMSA

W. R. Riley Ramrod Break-Open Single Shot Pistol

Haskell JS-45 .45 ACP

(2) Heritage Arms Rough Rider Revolvers .22

Remington XP-100 Pistol .221 Fireball

Sako Custom Bolt Action Handgun .360 Imperial Mag

Colt Python 6” .357 Mag

Colt New Police DA 32 .32 cal

Ithaca Model 1911-A1.45 ACP

Walter PPK Stainless .380 ACP

Bond Arms Snake Slayer SS .45 Colt / .410 Bore

Hechler & Koch USP Compact  .45 ACP

Magnum Research BFR .475 Linebaugh

Ruger Mark II Pistol NRA Endowment Edition .22 LR

Browning Buckmark .22 LR

Glocks: 17, 21, 23, 26, 27

Smith & Wesson Revolvers & Pistol: 39-2, 657-3, 37 Airweight, Victory Model, Pre-Model 10, and more!

GYC Llama 380 .380 ACP

GYC Llama Pistol .38 Super

RG-39 .38 SPL

Hopkins & Allen Forehand Model 1901 .38 S&W

H&R 999 Sportsman .22 LR

Deutsche Werk Ortgies Pistol 7.65mm Browning

Dreyse Model 1907 7.65mm Browning

Mikros Modele K 6.35mm

Savage Model 1917 .32 ACP

High Standard Sentinel Mark IV .22 Mag

German Hera System Trainer-type Free Pistol .22 RF

Webley & Scott Mark IV DA Revolver .38 cal

US Revolver Co DA Break Top Revolver .38 cal

TWO Stoeger Luger 22 .22 LR

Rossi 68 .38 Spl

DGFM-FMAP Argentine 1927 Service Model Ace .22 LR

Star SA Pistol 9mm

Star Handuns: Modelo Super, Automatic Pistol, etc.

Victor Bernedo Automatic Pistol 7.65mm Browning | SN: 9122

FIE Titan pistols (3x)

Martian Commerical Nickel .25 ACP | SN: 837

Rexio Pucara 228 .22 LR | SN: C35663

Galesi Brevetto Pistol .25 ACP | SN: 178807


Ammo, Reloading Equipment & Components

Over 60 sets of reloading dies

Hundreds of boxes of bullets, brass casings, and primers

RCBS and MEC reloading presses and accoutrement

Reloading manuals and paper goods


Knives, Scopes, and Other Sporting Good Items

Knives by makers such as Randall, Dunn, Buck, Scrimshaw & More

Current and Classic rifle scopes by makers such as Swarovski, Zeiss, Leupold, Unertl, Nickle Supra, and more!


Auctioneer’s Note: This will be a full day with great items from start to finish. Please come early and plan to stay until the end. Two preview sessions will afford everyone a chance to see the items in person and bid online if they wish.


Face Coverings will be required and we ask that you practice safe social distancing.




Terms & Information:

Terms: Cash. Checks accepted with Auction Company Approval and Positive ID. All major credit cards accepted. 15% Buyer’s Premium on all purchases. 5% of Premium waived for on-site bids placed in-person and paid by cash or check. All Federal, State, and Local firearms laws will be strictly observed. All bidders must present photo ID to register to bid in-person. 


Local Pickup:

Customers who purchase online and wish to pick up their items may do so during the scheduled pickup ONLY. Local pick is Tuesday, February 23, 2021 from 5:00 – 7:00 PM at Stewart’s Auction Center located at 71 Auction Drive, Jane Lew, WV.  Government issued photo idea must be presented and must match the bidder’s registered contact information on their Proxibid invoice. 


At the conclusion of the auction, you will receive an email asking for your preference (pickup or ship). To pickup your items during the pickup time, you must complete the response form and let us know you’re coming to pick up.


For questions, contact Ethan Moore at 304-476-2086 or email


Joe R Pyle Auction Service

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