Personal Property

Personal Property

The Joe R. Pyle Complete Auction and Realty Service has been helping customers buy and sell a wide variety of personal property for over 35 years. Through our auction method of selling personal property, we have been able to help consumers buy and sell unique items across varied industries. Whether it be firearms or furniture, we have a full staff of experienced appraisers, auctioneers, and sales people that will help you buy and sell your items through the auction method.

No matter the items, we pair buyers and sellers through our award winning, multi-channel marketing and experienced sales staff.

Live Auction

Joe R. Pyle Auctions was founded on the traditional live auction. At live auctions, individuals show up to the auction location on the day of the sale. Live auctions are a fun way to gather a local audience of buyers. We use our integrated marketing process to generate the highest number of interested buyers.

Online Auction

Alongside our live auctions, we offer online auction services. Online auctions allow buyers and sellers across the nation to connect online. Through our digital marketing strategy, we ensure the largest number of buyers will have the opportunity to bid on items they are interested in.

Hybrid Auction

Hybrid auctions are a combination of online and live auctions. Hybrid auctions generate a large audience of local and national bidders. By combining the greatest attributes of online and live auctions, hybrid auctions bring the excitement of a live auction to national audience.

If you are interested in buying or selling through a Joe R. Pyle Auction, contact us!