Mail Day: A Heartfelt Letter From Our Client

Mail Day: A Heartfelt Letter From Our Client

It can get busy in the auction world, but sometimes we are given the opportunity to slow down and remember why we got into the business in the first place. This week, we were lucky enough to receive a letter from one of our clients. After her parents’ passing, our client went through the difficult process of selling her family’s estate. We understand how emotionally trying this process can be. The Joe R. Pyle staff always tries to use our experience in selling estates to help our clients transition into this new stage of life. As our business grows and the weeks get longer, it’s always great to know that we can help those in our community.

Check out the heartfelt letter we received from our client below.


I was raised in a home with much love, Christian morals, happy memories, and the lesson was ” just do what’s right.” That’s what brings this letter to you and the staff at Joe Pyle Auction Co. I will admit I was not the easiest person to deal with throughout this very stressful process of dividing up and clearing out ALL of my parents’ possessions, in addition to cleaning, trimming the bushes, weed eating, mowing, saying goodbye and letting go of the home my parents built.

Standing there listening to numbers being bid, knowing another family would be taking possession of what had always been ” Dad and Mommas home” wasn’t easy.


I sincerely want the employees of Joe Pyle Auction Co to know our family feels the auctioneer DID EVERYTHING to bring the highest bids. The men talking with bidders did an EXCELLENT job, and God answered several prayers that early evening. Now that this is over and a little time has passed, I can sigh and know everyone had done all they could.

Many thanks to you all; prayers for many blessings to each of you.